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Habib Girls' School became a reality on August 19, 1964.

Pre-Primary : Annual Sports Day

Cadet Corps

The Annual Drama Event 2018 (English)

HGHSS : Meritorious Awards Ceremony 2017-2018


                                    CLASS 5 : OFF IN THE BUS WITH SKIP AND A HOP          VISIT TO CHAUKANDI GRAVEYARD The first stop was the famous Chaukhandi Graveyard, which was a fascinating view of ancient architecture by the […]... Read more

Habib Girls' School (50 Years Documentary)
A Day In HGS

HGS FlagsHabib Girls’ School became a reality on August 19, 1964 with a modest student body of eighty girls and eight teachers. The dream was to set up an institution that provided affordable quality education to the female population of a new nation. Almost fifty years later, the student body has swelled up to over seventeen hundred girls. This has only been possible due to the tireless efforts of our founding trustees Mr. Hamid D. Habib, Mr. Rashid D. Habib and Mr. Yusuf Qasim Mitha and our first Principal, Ms. Zubaida Dossal. Read more