Campus Tour

Canteen and Tuck Shop

The school has a well maintained canteen cum tuck shop, where in addition to snacks, cold drinks and higher lunch is served to the students and staff at reasonable and affordable prices.

Co-curricular Activities

The holistic development of a child cannot be attained without extracurricular activities. Apart from academics due importance is given to co-curricular activities. In order to nurture and identify the hidden talents amongst the students several activities like debates, elocutions, science exhibitions, religious functions, talent shows and several other activities are arranged at school from time to time. Students are also trained to participate in various inter-school competitions.

The school also provides an opportunity to students to learn various crafts and skills for which a day is fixed every week. These classes are arranged for students of the secondary section. There are approximately eighteen different courses which are offered. Experts in various fields are invited to conduct these classes. Over a period of five years students are able to learn five different skills. At the end of each year students work is displayed.

The students literary work is put up on the notice-board. The newsletter on the board acts as a liaison between the students and the faculty, besides students and students.

Field trips and excursions are a regular feature and are arranged from time to time. A visit to the Northern areas of Pakistan is arranged annually.

Computer Section

The school has 02 computer labs with over 59 PCs, LAN is available in the labs and the systems are up graded/replaced periodically so that students get the latest hardware available in the market. All students from class I onwards, have computer studies as integral part of their course of studies.


The School has well-equipped laboratories for Science and Computers, in addition to the Art Room for creative work. The Laboratories are well-stocked with suitable items and facilities to provide hands-on experience at different stages of the educational process.

Our School Library

The School has by well-stocked libraries in all three sections. The main library in the secondary section is equipped with a large collection of books, national and international newspapers, periodicals, magazines and similar reading material. Smaller libraries in the Primary and Nursery section provided by interesting resource to the students at the junior level.