So much to be done and so little time. – Yusuf Qasim Mitha

Habib Girls’ School became a reality on August 19, 1964 with a modest student body of eighty girls and eight teachers. The dream was to set up an institution that provided affordable quality education to the female population of a new nation. Almost fifty years later, the student body has swelled up to over seventeen hundred girls. This has only been possible due to the tireless efforts of our founding trustees Mr. Hamid D. Habib, Mr. Rashid D. Habib and Mr. Yusuf Qasim Mitha and our first Principal, Ms. Zubaida Dossal. It is said that the credibility attached to the Habib family name and the reputation of the visionary educationist, Mrs. Dossal, made a winning combination that from day one put Habib Girls’ School on the map as an institution of excellence.

Our second Principal, Ms. Adiba Kamal was the very first teacher appointed at Habib Girls’ School and under her leadership; the school saw new heights in both academics and co-curricular activities. Ms. Batool, daughter of Mr. KazimHusein was the first student to be registered in the school. Our first batch of students appeared for their board examinations in 1970 which also marked the election of our first Head Girl, Ms. Zubeida Murad.