School Facilities


HGS (New Building)   Habib Girls’ School is spread over 3.24 acres of land. There are six blocks of building. In the planning of the buildings, as well as the Nursery Block, emphasis was laid on the availability of natural light and fresh air which are considered important for the learning ability of children. The placement of classes has been made according to age-group so that young pupils are not overwhelmed by older ones.

school new buildingThe school resources comprise spacious classrooms, three well-stocked libraries, two computer labs, three science laboratories, one Auditorium, one Multi-purpose shed with stage. The classrooms provide sufficient space per student to ensure that the learning process continues without hindrance.

HGS new buildingAn exceptional feature of the school premises is the greenery arising from well-maintained plants and greenery well-nurtured by the institution’s gardeners under the guidance of the Head Teachers and the maintenance officer.


We have well-stocked libraries for both staff & students who are encouraged to read books by well-known authors. The library period enables students to sharpen their intellect & knowledge by reading books on subjectsranging from: encyclopedias, reference books, fiction, biographies, history, science, magazines and newsletters in both print and softcopy. Students and teachers both avail internet facilities in the library during school hours for research purposes.

Computer Labs

computer labThe school emphasizes education through computers by encouraging students to include web based research for various class projects and assignments.

Two fully equipped computer labs for primary and secondary students that offer students access to audio visual printing facilities. A computer connected to a ceiling mounted projector is used for demonstration and instruction.

computer lab 2Students have access to word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, desktop publishing, programming, and many other specialized applications. Specialized software for math, a word language and science class is also available.

All students may work independently in the lab on school related projects, or may obtain assistance from computer teachers in selecting appropriate software for the project, and learning how to use a piece of software or equipment.

Audio Visual Rooms

The school also has two Audio Visual Rooms to facilitate e-learning.

Music Rooms

music Room Music Room 2

Habib Girls School has dedicated rooms for teaching of Music. Also various kinds of instruments like piano and guitar are taught in the co-curricular classes.


The Auditorium accommodates up to 200. The back wall of the stage doubles as a projection screen. LCD projector and microphones serves all sections equally.

Sports Ground

Wide play areas, lush green gardens, sports ground provide space and opportunity for students to play, practice and maintain a healthy life style. Inter school and inter house sports activities, competitions and events are also organized throughout the year to promote team spirit and drive for healthy competition.

The School holds Throw ball, Netball, Volleyball, Hockey and Athletics Tournaments that provide healthy competitions among the students. Our finalists often qualify and participate in the regional and national competitions.

The School Clinic

Health RoomHabib Girls School provides medical facilities in a clinic where the children can be treated in emergencies and provided basic medical aid to every student through a full time General Physicians, who are responsible for regular health check-ups of all students and maintenance of their computerized medical records. Consequently, they keep a check on risk factors involved in the spread of any common infections, like Influenza, Mumps, Chicken Pox, etc. The doctors also conduct and organize awareness raising workshops on maintaining a healthy life style, for students, faculty, staff and parents.

Science Labs

Physics lab bio lab Chemistry lab

Our students are not only given theoretical knowledge of the Science subjects like, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, but we have provided for them separate, well equipped up-to-date and modern laboratory for Physics, Chemistry & Biology to supplement the theoretical learning. We encourage our students to perform the experiments individually under the guidance of their respective teachers.

Art RoomArt Room 2

Our large open Art Rooms accommodates up to 30 students around study art table where computer facilities are also available. Purpose built Art rooms are hubs for students to explore and heighten their aesthetic as well as creative skills through various forms of painting, drawing, sculpture making and other forms of art.

Student Transport Facility

TransportationSafe and comfortable transportation service is provided through contractor. Students are picked up and dropped at fixed points. We take every measure possible to ensure that the children travel to and from school every day in a comfortable manner.

Co-curricular activities

The Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Sections have allotted one hour each week to hone the innate creative skills of the students. The choice is from a wide range of groups; from handicrafts to public speaking, from learning to play musical instruments to interior design.

canteen old pic Yoga Tae Kwon Do primary band Hockey cocurricular Physics Project  HGS Allama Iqbal Day