Academic Session

The Academic session commences on 1ST week of August and ends on 31st May of the next calendar year.

Assessment Method

At Habib Girls’ School, we have been working on Formative Assessment for the past eight years.

The main focus is on Constructive feedback and Reflective reports. One important tool that we adopted and tailored from the system prevalent in most of the schools in UK, according to our needs, is Home Link Diary. This is sent fortnightly for 2 languages and numeracy. The reason for having chosen link diaries is that we believe that targets and progress should be discussed with children while they are working on the task. Also, involving parents in this cycle of learning is imperative. Our children are encouraged to reflect on the constructive feedback given by the teachers and are given time to work on improvements.

We attend to the needs of all subjects by integrating relevant assessment tools like checklists, rubrics, etc.

We have also strived to do away with the traditional system of marking and grades as we believe that these are responsible for regression in many pupils. We generate a reflective report card constituting of learning executed in the term and reflected acutely on the child’s performance.