Primary Section

Brief description about Primary Section

Habib Girls’ School offers a full set of learning experiences for children in primary classes (Class 3 to 5).  Students participate in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies on a daily basis.

All students participate in physical education and health classes in a rotating schedule.  Habib Girls’ School offers a range of courses in an Exploratory Program that supports and enhances the core curriculum.

Through the Exploratory Programs, students participate in project-based activities in specialized classrooms. They learn to apply critical reasoning, problem-solving, and thinking skills and strategies.

Programs offered to students in grade fifth are:   Art, Band, Computers, Drama and Research/Debate. Students also have opportunity to participate in leadership activities and structured classes.

Primary Section Curriculum

Habib Girls’ School follows the Aga Khan Board Curriculum for all subjects in Primary section.

Assessment Method

Formative assessment method with appropriate remarks is used in all Primary section classes.