October 2, 2017

Pre-Primary Section : Colour Day

Pre-Primary Section : Colour Day
Habib Girls’ School Pre-primary section celebrated colours day on 19th September 2017. Nursery celebrated primary colours and KG celebrated secondary colours. Throughout the week activities related to primary and secondary colours were done. On the respective day, children wore dress of the particular colour given to them. Children brought toys and shared them in the class for show and tell.

Classes were decorated and artwork done by the children was displayed. Fun filled activities were planned for the day which included storytelling, hopscotch, jelly making. Children were served with jelly, juice and candy, which represented those colours. Worksheets were done in the class to reinforce the concept.  
The day was wrapped up with face painting. Head gears and pompoms were given to them as give away. Children were happy and enthusiastic to share their wonderful day with their parents.