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Hugging Day


On 9th May 2016 the annual Milad was held by the Pre- Primary Section of Habib Girls School. Children from Nursery to grade two participated. Young ones came to school dressed in traditional clothes.  The Milad took place at 9:00 a.m.in the auditorium. First 99 names of Allah along with Hazrat Fatima’s tasbeeh was recited and the whole hall echoed with prayers and appreciation of Allah the one and only, Later the nursery started by praying Kalma and naats like “Jashan e amad e rasool”.

Soon after that children of KG also recited their naat and then the higher classes joined in by reciting. In the end the students along with teachers and the heads together prayed for the prosperity of Pakistan, for the poors and also for the success of Habib Schools. It was a great day and a new experience for children of nursery.


Watermelon Day

Watermelon, a fruit loved by everyone, especially children. Watermelon day was celebrated in our school on Monday, 9th May 2016.

At first, the watermelon was cut into half in the class and then a brief discussion was held regarding the importance of having watermelon. After that all the children were given worksheets according to their class level. The day ended by serving our children the yummy and juicy watermelons.

HGS Pre-Primary Section (Fun Week)

May 10th 2016, as part of fun week “Water day” was celebrated in which children embraced Karachi’s scorching sun and decided to have fun.


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