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Each of our schools is managed by a not-for-profit Trust with the following objectives.

  • To establish, manage and run high schools and educational institutions.
  • To grant aid, scholarships, stipends, prizes and financial assistance for educational purposes to poor and / or deserving students.
  • To aid and assist schools, colleges and educational institutions.
  • To give medical aid to the poor and deserving students and to contribute in cash or kind to hospitals, dispensaries, convalescent homes and sanatorium for the benefit of poor and deserving students.
  • To give donations and aid for the purpose of providing food, clothing, blankets and other necessities of life to poor, deserving or destitute students.
  • To contribute towards establishment of houses and residential abodes, or hostels for deserving poor and destitute students.
  • To help, aid needy students and establish a good environment for their grooming

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